Rep. Schweizer Condemns Legislation Aimed at Removing Most Reasons for Traffic Stops, Calls for Greater Support of Law Enforcement Officers

DANVILLE, Illinois… In late January, House Bill 4603 was filed in the Illinois House that would have prohibited police officers from making routine traffic stops based on the following:

  • Failing to display registration stickers or license plates.
  • Operating a vehicle with expired registration.
  • Speeding, if it is not at misdemeanor or felony speeds.
  • Improper lane usage.
  • Operating a vehicle with the interior lights on.
  • Operating a vehicle with excessive tint.
  • Operating a vehicle with defective mirrors.
  • Operating a vehicle with obstructed windshield or defective windshield wipers.
  • Operating a vehicle with defective bumpers.
  • Operating a vehicle with excessive exhaust.
  • Operating a vehicle without a seat belt.

State Rep. Brandun Schweizer (R-Danville) says he has been disturbed by an overriding lack of respect being shown to police officers and law enforcement officials through the introduction of what he calls anti-police legislation.

“I am appalled by the constant attacks on our brave police officers by politicians in this state,” Schweizer said. “The men and women in blue deserve our unwavering and utmost respect, including the ability to successfully do their jobs without interference by politicians with an anti-police agenda. I may be new to Springfield, but I do know that this legislation is absurd, and I adamantly oppose it”.

The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association expressed strong opposition and law enforcement throughout the state sounded off in opposition to the bill. Earlier this week, the bill’s sponsor announced he will not seek to move the legislation forward in the spring session. However, the Chicago Democrat reiterated his commitment to continue to pursue this flawed concept sometime after this Spring.

“Thank you to the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association for working to inform the public of this threat to our law enforcement officials, and for helping to stop this bill in its tracks,” Schweizer said. “Because the threat of anti-police legislation remains alive and well in this state, we must remain vigilant in our partnership and protection of our police officers and stand against any further efforts to undermine the important work that they do.”