Summer Reading Program

Rep. Schweizer’s Summer Reading Club encourages students to Get in the Game and read!

To Get in the Game this summer, Rep. Schweizer is inviting students from Kindergarten to 5th grade to read eight (8) books during their summer break. Books recorded for other reading programs may be included here. Any books over 150 pages may count as two books.

Students who read eight (8) books by July 1st will be invited back to celebrate with Rep. Schweizer for keeping their head in the game and their minds active.

To participate, a parent or guardian must verify that their student read eight (8) books and submit the below form on or before July 1, 2024.

With questions, please contact Rep. Schweizer’s office at (217) 477-0104, or email

Student's Name(Required)
Parent/Guardian's Name(Required)

Book List

List the titles of the books you have read. Books with more than 150 pages may be listed twice and counted as two books.