Rep. Schweizer Passes First Bill out of Committee, Requires Notice of Health Care Benefit Changes

SPRINGFIELD, IL… State Representative Brandun Schweizer (R-Danville) passed his first bill out of the Pensions and Personnel House Committee last week. His bill, House Bill 4972 requires the Central Management System, the state agency tasked with handling health insurance and benefits of the state’s employees and retirees, to notify Teacher Retirement System (TRS) enrollees about changes made to benefits 60 days in advance. The bill passed the committee unanimously.

The original bill asked for 120 days notice prior to changes taking effect, but after negotiations with CMS, Rep. Schweizer and the agency agreed on a 60 day requirement. 

“This bill helps to minimize future worry when changes are made to TRS recipients’ benefits. I thank my colleagues for seeing the need for this bill and allowing it to advance in the House,” said Rep. Schweizer.

House Bill 4972 seeks to hold CMS accountable when making changes to benefits held by TRS enrollees by adequately informing them 60 days before a change will happen. In 2022, Medicare-eligible state employees were informed that the only Medicare option available was Aetna insurance, effective immediately, which Carle Hospital of Urbana did not accept.

“Families in east-central Illinois do not have many hospitals or medical facilities to receive care at,” said Rep. Schweizer. “It is imperative that legislation is brought forward and passed through both the House and Senate and then signed by the Governor to ensure the situation from 2022 does not happen again,” concluded Schweizer. 

To learn more about the bill, visit the Illinois General Assembly website. With questions, please contact Rep. Schweizer’s office at (217) 477-0104.